Here is my recent facebook status:

I don’t usually post a million Facebook statuses, but I’d like to keep you all at home updated.

As you know, I went to the Hanyang University Hospital(한양대학교병원) last night. My friend’s family picked me up and took me after I went to a 본죽 to try and eat at least some rice porridge(죽). I at least ate a small bowl for starters, and took some medicine. Afterwards, I of course insisted to go to the hospital, where they explained my situation in Korean, and then shortly after we found a doctor who spoke English. I received IVs in my arm with the necessary fluids as well as stomach medicine. This was important since I had no appetite for about 2 days, since arriving in Korea, and was lacking nutrients and such. I started feeling weak and out of it, which was concerning.

I woke up this morning feeling good! I was hungry, which was an excellent sign. I ate some leftover rice porridge(죽) from my fridge. It was a huge container, but I ate about half which is good!

Also, I want you to know, my friend magically fixed my WiFi on my phone and now I can use that around Seoul, as well as Kakaotalk.

Things are looking up. I will meet with the same family this afternoon for lunch. After, I hope to become a normal HISS student and meet the other students and enjoy my time in Seoul.

Thank you all for your concerns and care ^^ 감사합니다.

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