Hi everyone. Lately I have been too tired or busy to keep up with blogs, just as I imagined.


Today, I woke up feeling great! Finally, I even felt hungry. I ate some “jook”(죽) for breakfast.



The rice porridge is good for people who are sick, as it is a mild food and healthy. I was brought “jook” by my professor, as well as brought to a restaurant by my close friend, so I had plenty leftovers.

I then was picked up by my close friend’s husband, my friend’s father. He brought me to Gangnam to go see his wife, my friend’s, work and pick her up. We drove to a wedding in Gangnam, and I got to see a Korean wedding! I also ate at the lunch buffet afterwards. After the wedding, the father brought me around Gangnam, walking. We walked up and down Gangnam Street. It was pretty fun!

When I returned to my dorm, I finally met some HISS students. I met up with some really nice girls from Amsterdam, and we had dinner at a Dunkin Donuts near Wangsimni Station, and also went shopping for our needs (toilet paper, notebooks, etc) at the EMart.

Shortly thereafter, I returned to my dorm super tired. Now I am going to bed early. I am missing out on Korean nightlife! Everyone is going to Hongdae. But I feel it is better to rest after all I have been through. I need to sleep and relax. Perhaps I will be even better then to explore Korea some more.

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