A little late – Some photos from last Saturday in Gangnam

Alright, cue PSY.

However, I do not have photos of the beautiful wedding I attended. I took those photos on my phone. Perhaps it would be awkward to upload photos of someone’s wedding who I don’t know. For those wondering, I attended a wedding in Gangnam with my friend and her husband. We were going to have a normal lunch, but they remembered they had a wedding to go to, which they just so happened to have three tickets to. It was beautiful! It wasn’t totally traditional, but the ceremony is still a bit different than America. The bride was so sweet, she smiled and waved at me. Perhaps my friend told her ahead of time that a foreigner would come and see her wedding, to see a Korean wedding.



Image Image


Wedding lunch buffet. It was really nice!

ImageImage Image

I had some kimbab, japchae, and jook!Image


View of Namsan Tower ^




It was just a fun day spent in 강남. My friend works there. After she went back to work, her husband brought me around the “famous” Gangnam Street.

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