Fun day around Seoul!

My day started off at 9am when my same close family friends picked me up outside of my dorm. They kindly greeted me with strawberry milk and a sandwich (yes, for breakfast) from Paris Baguette.




We drove to Gyeongbokgung Palace(경복궁) which was so incredible. I got tears in my eyes seeing this place. It is a huge historic palace in the heart of the modern city of Seoul. It is surrounded by a big white wall, and it spans a big area. The architecture is just beautiful. And the ceremony-thing we happened to see at the right time was just great. Something with the guards – perhaps guard changing or something? I honestly don’t remember, actually.


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Afterwards we walked around outside to where the presidential Blue House is. I took only a few pictures that I could from afar.



You can see the “house” is white, however the roof is blue!



Next stop, lunch at a “Korean traditional style” restaurant, called 경복궁(Gyeongbokgung, yes the same name as the palace!). We had our own private room which was pretty neat. We ordered bulgogi(불고기 – beef) which the lady prepared for us on the grill on our table. It was so delicious! I kept spooning in more sauce onto my plate. We also had many side dishes of assorted kimchi types, as well as pumpkin soup and denjangjjigae – which was spectacular! It was a really nice time.

We headed to Insadong(인사동) shortly thereafter for some shopping. Insadong is great for foreigners and tourists who want to pick up some “super Korean” or “too Korean” – as one of my Korean friends calls it – souvenirs. There I even saw souvenirs I have received as gifts. I bought things like traditional Korean-themed mugs, key chains, compact mirrors, and so on. I also bought some cute Korean socks, and my friend ended up buying me some things including a teddy bear wearing traditional Korean wear (한복 – HanBok).


After Insadong, we went to the N-Seoul Tower! (남산타우워) This was exciting. We parked, took a cable car up, then went inside and took an elevator to the observation deck. Unfortunately, it was very hazy today again, so the view was not as top-notch. But it was definitely really neat being able to walk around 360 degrees of the Seoul Tower, and to see Seoul beneath me.


I went back to my dorm finally after a long day. About an hour later I met my friend and her two friends (from Korea) for dinner. We went to a nice Italian (Korean-Italian) restaurant called Forcitta. The food was good! And now, I need to sleep. Hanyang orientation tomorrow morning!