Ok, so I’m not in Korea yet…

Ok, so I'm not in Korea yet...

But I AM getting incredibly excited. Why wouldn’t I be? I can’t stop watching youtube videos about Seoul and Hanyang University, talking to other students on the HISS facebook group, and even constantly looking at maps, talking to my Korean friends…. oh good God I am going crazy.

So, I leave June 26 from JFK. I arrive in Incheon on June 27! I am super excited to see my former exchange student’s father at the airport. He is so kind to pick me up, take me to his house in Incheon, then bring me to Hanyang the following day. I check into my dorm on the 28th. I am just waiting for the day that I can attend the orientation and welcome session, and to finally have my Hanyang ID card in my hands. To be on Korean soil, outside of the US for the first time in my almost-nineteen years of being alive. I will stay for about a month with classes beginning on July 1 and the end of the Hanyang road on July 26. I get to stay in Korea a while longer, hanging out in Incheon again, and hopefully making a trip to Changwon to visit my last year’s exchange student. Should be fun. By that I mean WILL be fun! I come back to the states on August 1st.

I can’t wait to hopefully have time to blog about it. Lots of pictures will be on Facebook.

I truly can’t contain my excitement right now.

40 days
965 hours
57957 minutes