Who wants to see my dorm?

I live in off-campus housing about a 10 minute walk from the School of Business where classes are held. We are in a cute “little city” within Seoul. Looking out my window there are a bunch of cafes, restaurants and bars within about a five minute walk. It is so perfect! There is a GS25 convenience store right below our dorm for when I need to grab some things.


I constantly forget to take a picture of the colorful, lit-up key pad outside of my door, but here is the fancy door locking system from inside. Come on Ithaca, get with the program! We don’t need keys, that’s old school. And some universities use their ID cards? Psh. I love most of the apartments and such in Korea use this system. Us residents just remember a 4-digit passcode to enter the building, and then the 4-digit passcode to enter our rooms.


Yeah at least our dorm came equipped with a fridge, nice laundry machine, and kitchen with cabinet space, a microwave, and a hot plate. Also not pictured yet important – AIR CONDITIONING.


Please remove your shoes at the door! ^^ImageImage