New friends, Korean BBQ, and Noraebang!

So yesterday we got a group of new friends together after orientation. We all hit it off well immediately! We decided to take the subway from Hanyang Station and off to….well…..somewhere. We wandered around looking for food. The restaurant found us. We didn’t find it. A waiter kindly waved us over inviting us in, so we followed. It was so delicious! Here are some photos from dinner:


Next stop: 노래방. “Noraebang” or “Singing Room.”


What a fun night after meeting some new people at orientation!

Also, I still owe my blog followers pictures from Day 3 in Gangnam, but I’ll get to it eventually. Today was our first day of classes and it was pretty fun. I have two classes, 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Korean Cultural History and Korean Language. Should be a fun month of exploring Seoul, friends, and learning about the country.