First few days at Hanyang

I have been making some incredible friends here at the Hanyang International Summer School. I absolutely love it here! I have a tight-knit group that I love to do basically everything, while still being social enough to jump between “groups” and also make new friends each day. 

Lately I’ve also been getting to know the Korean Hanyang students. I’m in Korea, and practice my Korean phrases, so it’s cool. Plus they are a lot of fun and of course know more about Seoul than we do! They take us to some fun bars and places, and teach us some really fun drinking games. Wednesday night we had a fantastic time at a local bar about 5 minutes from my off-campus dorm. We arrived and there were already a ton of people there unexpectedly, from the program, then we joined in. After more joined! Our RAs and program coordinator were all there…..many friends…. it was a good time.

I’m also glad to have a friend I made from my college, in my dorm, and on my same flight here. We always walk to classes together and sometimes go get dinner together. In last night’s case, we also meet up and go to a bar late at night with some friends.

I really love it in Seoul. I love living here. I never want to leave.

Here are some photos from around campus with my friends after our orientation!



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